No Words

Well I have been struggling with depression and anxiety over the summer. Hence, no writing for me. It’s not that I have a block but just no desire to do much.

Went to family weekend with our son. It was a super great experience for my husband, our son and I. Met some really great families and made some relationships that will last in the future.

Upon release from treatment our son didn’t have a solid plan where he was safe. No sober place to go. We encouraged him to make the arrangements but….

Well we went back to Alaska. He went to a familiar place. Relapse came quick. That familiar demon summoned him back to the throws of addiction. He was was back at it stronger than ever.

Ugh, my stomach was sick, my heart hurt, my anxiety screamed through the roof. I wanted to jump on the plane and go get him and tear everyone to pieces that got in my way.

Instead, I waited it out. Prayed and gave it up to God. Tried to focus on living my own life and hoped he would see the light.

FINALLY, with the proper love and encouragement of his new found brothers, he arranged to go back to treatment.

He was only out for 18 days and then went back. He has a new counselor, new group, new perspective. I’m at a loss for words really. I’m just praying this stay will be better.

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